Things which you might have not known about the “forEach” loop

1. `return` statement Doesn’t stop the loop

if you think the below code only prints “1,2,3” you are wrong

the reason for this behaviour is that we are passing a callback function in our “foreach” function, which behaves like a normal function and is appliead to each element no matter if we “return” from one.

2. `break` statement Don’t work

do you think “foreach” loop break when equals to 3 ?

The above code will throw an exception

This is because , technically the break not inside a loop.

3.`Continue` statement would not work as well

Do you think this code…

Cross domain communication b/w Vue component and iframe.

Cross domain communication (also called Cross-origin) can be difficult and security risks. “window.postmessage()” method gives a provision for sending cross-domain e.g.: between a page and iframe or pop-up.

Required methods and their syntax

  1. window.postMessage() — to send the message to window
  2. window.addEventListener(“message”, targetOrigin, [transfer]) — to receive and process the message


If you are using vuejs for iframe and target window both.

  1. Lets pick a iframe first from where you want to transfer object or any message to target window

In this component where we going to send message to parent window. here we have…

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